Week of October 22nd – Events

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UPDATE (as of 2:20PM):

PPI time has changed to 5 – 7 pm due to the Football Game being scheduled at North.
If you can help with popping popcorn, bagging it and handing out to students, please let us know.  With the time change we may need to start popping sooner than 4:30
Call time for the band is 6:45.
They will be wearing their BAND UNIFORMS
NEED TO BRING THEIR DINKLES – we do not have extras in the band room if someone forgets theirs.
Will perform part of the show at half-time.
Need parents to volunteer to get water in the stands for the students to have during game – let me know if you can do this.
Itinerary for Saturday will be sent when it is available.


First of all let me once again say how proud we all are of our Panther Pride Band.  Competing at BOA is huge and taking third in our division and receiving the 6th highest Visual Effect score of the entire competition is simply AMAZING!!!  Hard work and dedication does pay off!!  So proud to be a Panther.  🙂

FZN will host the annual PPI Safe Halloween on Thursday Oct 25th and once again the band will be popping and handing out popcorn to the Trick or Treaters.  We will need parents to come to school and pop the popcorn, box it and be on hand to pass it out that evening.  Popping will begin around 4:30…….If you are available to help please let myself or Sheryl Toews (sheryltoews@hotmail.com) know.  We would like to assign shifts so it is not a long night for anyone.
ADDITIONALLY we just learned today that on Thursday October 25th, (yes same night as PPI) FZN will be hosting and playing a football game at 7:30.  The band will need to be at the game on Thursday and Mr Babel will announce  the call time and events for Pre-Game etc to the students tomorrow.
Thursday’s practice will now be from 2:30 – 4:15.
Our competition on Saturday Oct 27 will be the Belleville East Marching Invitational and will be performed at McKendree University.  An itinerary will be sent in the next couple days.
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