Fort Zumwalt North Panther Pride Band

Band Camp

2022 Band Camp Summer Schedule

Band camp is some of the most intense work for the marching band for the entire year. This work can only be done by being prepared for success and putting your best effort forward. Below are the tips for your own success during these weeks of hard work.

 I. What To Bring

There are a number of essentials that you must have:

  1. Instrument: Bring your horn and any other extra materials to keep it running smoothly throughout rehearsal
  2. Music: Once you get the music for the years show, put it in a binder and bring it to every rehearsal no matter the plan. Weather changes and plans change.
  3. Set Sheets: These sheets give every detail about every position you will ever be on the field for the years show. These are 100% required for every rehearsal. You can find copies of these eventually on the front page of this site.
  4. Water Jug: During the summer rehearsals, you will sweat and you will need to drink a ton of water. It is recomended to bring a gallon jug of water with ice to keep yourself going through rehearsal.
  5. Sunscreen: No matter how much you “Don’t Burn,” you will need sunscreen at these camps, as the sun will be beating down on you for hours on end, and you will get burnt. Prepared to have awkward tan lines and be as tan as you will ever be by the end of summer.
  6. Tennis Shoes: You will be expected to come to camps in shoes that are ready to be torn up, and easy to march in. This will make your marching experience much better, and helping teach you much easier as well.
  7. Breakfast: While everyone knows breakfast is important, during band camp it is even more so. For you to make it through the long days without getting sick, eating right in the mornings- and any other times- are absolutely neccesary.
  8. Cool Clothes: No, this doesn’t mean “Don’t I look cool?” clothes, this means clothes that you won’t overheat in. The summers can be brutal in the sun doing the work we do. This means shorts, light shirts, and hats that cover your head. Preferably you want these in light colors that won’t get hot in the sun.
  9. Lunch or Lunch Money: During some of the longer days, you will get breaks to eat lunch. This can be done by either packing a lunch for that time, or if you have the ability, going to one of the local restaraunts and getting food and coming back before rehearsal restarts.

 II. Why The Essentials Are Essential

Sunscreen: sun poisoning, although rare at camp, is not fun.

Breakfast:  Just like any day, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You will need to start your day fueled and ready to withstand the full workout that marching band provides.

Water:  Other than the obvious, you will most likely want to bring your own water jug to eliminate any waiting in line at the water cooler.  We absolutely do not recommend any sugar-filled or carbonated beverages.  Water is the best thing to keep you hydrated.

Shorts:  Warm weather means wear cool clothes so you don’t overheat.

Hat:  Again, to keep sun out of your eyes and protect your face.

Lunch: Some people prefer to stay in the band room and eat a packed lunch. If you have a car, you can travel to one of the local restaurants. Freshmen and others without cars, should get approval from your parents to get a ride with an upperclassman.

III. What To Expect At Band Camp

Expect to be pushed to your limits, and past them. This program has gotten better year after year due to the members going further past what they think they can do every year. Expect to work for long periods of time without any sign of stopping, and simply push through and keep sweating a pushing. Expect to be sore, and tired. Expect to want to give up or complain, but do just the opposite, work harder and give each other support. Expect to get an incredible tan and horribly awkward tan lines.

IV. What To Do

Keep up to date on times for rehearsals, times for sectionals, and any new information coming from section leaders or the directors.

Show up to rehearsals early. You will hear directors and upperclassmen repeat the saying “Early is on time, On time is late, and late is unacceptable.” Try to show up 15 minutes before any scheduled time. If the time for rehearsal is 6 P.M. show up at 5:45 P.M.

Respect everyone and anyone. Everyone is a part of the band, no one section or group is more important than another with this group. Everyone is necessary.

V. Final Notes – The Most Important Things To Remember

Eat healthily every day, you will thank yourself half way through rehearsal when you see others starting to lose energy.

Wear light clothes, it gets hot on the field, up to 10 degrees hotter on our turf field than what it feels like outside.

Drink water, breathe water, live in water. Water will be your best friend.

Be respectful to everyone on the field, we all have our own lives, lets make this an escape and something everyone can deeply enjoy.

The band is your family. We are all there to support one another through our journey putting the show on the field. Meet everyone and get to know one another. It will make the year a lot more fun.

And Finally… Be prepared to work and push through the season and you will be rewarded with the pride at the end of the season resulting from putting something incredible together with so many others. While it hurts during the rehearsals, remember…

“Pain is temporary, Pride is forever!”