Fort Zumwalt North Panther Pride Band

Marching Band

So you want to be in the band…

For the Student:

  • Do you like playing an instrument?
  • Do you like spending time with friends and making new friends?
  • Do you like to travel?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then marching band may be for you.  There is a lot of practice involved, and of course there’s Band Camp, but the hard work pays off with awards and recognition.  In December 2007, the band traveled to San Diego to participate in the Holiday Bowl.  Through a series of competitive events, the band won the title of Grand Champion and performed the program during pre-game festivities and then participated with all competing bands at half time in front of 65,000 fans.  In December 2009, we traveled to Ft. Lauderdale to perform in the Disney New Year Parade.  The Ft. Zumwalt North Panther Pride Marching Band traveled to Jacksonville, FL in 2011 to perform in the Gator Bowl.  In 2013, the band traveled to Tulsa, OK to compete in a Super regional competition.  In 2014, the band traveled to Louisville, KY, to compete in another Super regional competition.

Band Camp:

Band camp starts about 1 month prior to school starting.  This month is spent learning marching skills and preparing for the show.  Yes, it’s hot, but there’s plenty of water and cool snacks.  You do however, have to bring your own lunch or dinner.

For the Parents:

From the exciting enthusiasm of at home football games to the high performance standard exhibited at competitive events, FZN is known as one of the top programs in our region. The marching band is an award-winning organization under the direction of Rob Babel, brass and marching instructor Patrick Stewart, and woodwind and sound technician Matthew Schultz. Percussion instructors are Rick Breyer and Derek Peplaw. The colorguard is directed by Emily Navarro with assistance from Zac Barber and Patrick Slifer. The program coordinator is James Smith.

Parent Participation:

If your student is in band, YOU are a band booster.  There are no dues but there are meetings.  If you have a child that dutifully brings home all school communications, you probably know what is going on.  If the only information you receive is in the letter sent with report cards, then please come to the monthly meetings.  They are held every second Tuesday of the month, except July, at 7:00PM in the Band Room at North High.

Time Commitment:

You can volunteer as much time as you like and you are strongly encouraged to get involved.  Both you and your student will be glad you did.  The season starts off with 1 month of band camp prior to the beginning of school.  A parent preview and pot luck dinner is scheduled at the end of band camp.  You will get a chance to see the show that will be performed at home football games and competitions.  There are anywhere from 4-7 competitions during September and October.

Competitions-What they are and what you need to know about them:

Marching band season consists of a series of competitions, usually local but sometimes out of town.  The band will congregate at school for practice, the boosters feed them breakfast or lunch either at school or at the venue where they perform their show.  Sometimes there are finals, so it can be a long day.  All parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend. There is a small entrance fee for the competitions. Adult help is needed to serve food, help with uniforms, moving equipment and most importantly, moral support.


Band fees and family commitment dues are determined prior to the season based on budget needs (show, uniforms, competitions, etc). Dues are payable in increments throughout the year.  There are many fundraising opportunities available, including a Scrip program, Family Arena, grants, etc.  We are a 501c3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.  If you work for a company that matches funds, please check with the booster officers for appropriate paperwork.