New Band Parents

2012 So You Want to be in the Band Flyer

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Marching band has evolved into a very serious sport and art form. It makes use of musicians and dancers, where the final product is a combination of music, athletics and choreography in a competitive arena.

Who can join Marching Band?

Anyone who has a desire to excel and improve can be in the band. Students who participate in marching band tend to develop better musicianship skills, hand-eye coordination, and not to mention get a great workout every day. Keep in mind that marching band is NOT just musicians. We have a Color Guard made up of BOTH instrumentalists and non-instrumentalists who would rather dance, spin, and toss flags, rifles, sabers, etc. Many students have backgrounds in dance, ballet, and jazz. Marching is always more fun with friends, so feel free to bring as many along as possible.

What is the time commitment for marching band?

Many people think the marching band practices 5 days a week for many hours a day. This is not true!  The band rehearses a couple nights a week during the summer months from 6-9pm. Students are allowed to miss rehearsals for vacation. There is a 2 week band camp prior to school. During the season/school year, we will rehearse on Thursday nights for 3 hours. Each section of the marching band (Color Guard, Winds & Percussion) will have a sectional day during the week where they will rehearse for 3 hours. The most fun will be on Saturdays when the band rehearses prior to the “Big Show” (Competition) that night. The main thing to remember is that Marching Band will try you physically and musically, but you will be a better musician and person after you have finished the season. Marching band teaches organization, teamwork, time management, and discipline.

How can I help?

There is plenty to do for all parents.  Whether you are handy with tools and maintenance, enjoy serving food, like to get in on the action by moving equipment to the field, sewing, coordinating fundraising opportunities, chaperoning, videography, or simply being a cheerleader in the stands, we need every parent to participate and there obviously is something for everyone.  Most importantly, you can help by attending performances and competitions to show your support and encourage our talented children.  They love having you there and achieve in ways we just can’t put in to words.  Bottom line – the students need you there!